Fine Arts Explorers Summer 2021



Ms. Lenz
Arts Explorers Coordinator


Merriam-Webster’s definition of transformation reads “an act, process, or instance of transforming or being transformed; the operation of changing…”  

As our team discussed the theme for this year’s Fine Arts Explorers program, the conversations would ultimately arrive on the topic of how this year has affected our world, our community, our students and our personal self.  “Transformations” as a theme grew from our team’s shared optimism that the experience of fine arts, creative self-expression and community connection are some of the keys to building self-confidence, relieving stress and expressing emotions. 

It is our hope that each student has had a transformative experience during their short time with us.  I personally am transformed each year I have been a part of this program.  I am renewed by the creativity and joy of these young artists.  Thank you for sharing your children with us for this moment in time.  It has been an honor and I have been truly transformed. 

                                                - Ms. Darla Lenz


Mr. Walker
Music Performance and Exploration


Ms. Tevebaugh
Music Creation and Exploration

Ms. Starbuck
2-D Art Exploration


Ms. McElroy
3-D Art Exploration