Why enroll in instrumental music?

5th Graders are going to be 6th Graders. 

Every 5th Grader has the opportunity to join the Band or Orchestra!


  • You have read the letters & announcements.

  • You have attended the extravaganza.

  • You know what you want to play.

  • You know why to enroll in instrumental music.


(Deadline is February 18th, 2022) 

Wait, you need more information.

Absolutely, you have thought a lot about it but you don't know what instrument to choose.


  • First, consider the instruments you saw demonstrated during the Extravaganza. What instrument sounded and looked the most interesting to you. Trust your gut!

  • Don't remember, you can rewatch the Extravaganza at the YouTube link below.

  • Second, consider future instrument possibilities. We don't start all the instruments in the 6th-grade band and orchestra. Look at the chart on the right and consider what you might like to learn in the future.  

  • You now know what you want to play.

  • You are excited!


2022 Extravaganza


(Deadline is February 18th, 2022) 

Still have questions. We can help! 

Additional information and more questions answered. If it's not here, we can get you an answer.


  • If you are interested in playing percussion, we ask that you give us a little more information by uploading a couple of videos. They are linked in the enrollment form, but you can view them here ===========================================>

    • While every band needs percussion, not every member of the band can play percussion. This additional information helps us find the best fit!​

  • Maybe you are still unsure. Linked below are demo videos from the amazing Minnesota Orchestra. All beginning instruments are featured.

  • Need to talk with someone - Contact information for each school's band and orchestra teachers are below.

  • You will receive an email and official letter from the CPS Fine Arts Department during the first two weeks of March confirming your enrollment and the instrument you will begin studying fall of 2022!

  • Questions answered, you definitely know what you want to play. So what are you waiting on?

  • You are excited! We are excited! 


Great Resource to Learn More About all the Instruments in the Band and Orchestra - Click the image to visit Minnesota Orchestra 

Coordination Video

Hand Pattern Video

Hand Patterns to Demonstrate:

Pattern 1: R L R L R L R L

Pattern 2: R L R R L R L L

Pattern 3: R L R L R R L L 

(Deadline is February 18th, 2022) 

Contact Information:

Gentry Middle School

Band: Amber Blumberg

Orchestra: Briana Frieda

Jefferson Middle School

Band: Jaime Canepa

Orchestra: Nichole Fallon

John Warner Middle School

Band: Josh Myers

Orchestra: Alison Lankheit

Lange Middle School

Band: Sara Blandford

Orchestra: Bill Strozier

Oakland Middle School

Band: Chris Farris

Orchestra: Ethan Forte

Smithton Middle School

Band: Brooksie Collins

Orchestra: Liz Sheets

West Middle School

Band: Julie Swope

Orchestra: Patrick Ordway

Local Vendors: