LMS 7/8 Choir

7th & 8th Grade Choir at Lange Middle School

Course Description

This daily, semester course will allow student/singers to study a variety of music from different styles, time periods and cultures. Through classroom activities, daily singing and performance, students further develop their creativity,knowledge of elements of music, proper vocal technique, music history and music reading/theory skills. Students will sing a wide variety of quality choral music and will participate in a minimum of two public after school or evening performances a year.

**This course can be repeated for a second semester to create a daily yearlong choral experience and can be repeated year to year

Creative Jam: Music Today, Tomorrow and Beyond


This daily, semester course will allow

students to learn a variety of music skills related to the understanding and

appreciation of music, music technology and music careers.

Students will be exploring music through a hands-on exploration of music from yesterday and today.

This class is for the student who wishes to learn more about music in the classroom setting rather than or in addition to a performance group. Students will be involved in listening, analyzing,

creating/composing and improvising music, as well as playing a variety of instruments and singing.

**This course can be repeated and can be taken during the same school year as choir.