Rock Bridge High School Band District Contest Results

Exciting results for State Large Ensemble and District Solo & Ensemble for Rock Bridge High School.  Students did a phenomenal job with a total of 36 solo & ensemble entries to State.  That is the most ever for RBHS Bands!

For the first time the third RBHS band (Concert Band) performed at State and received a ‘2’ rating.  Additionally RBHS has never entered a brass choir or woodwind choir to State Large Ensemble and the brass ensemble received a ‘1’ and the woodwind ensemble received a ‘2’. 

Fantastic for these first-ever entries.

Rock Bridge 2017 State Large Ensemble Results

Wind Symphony – Unanimous ‘1’ Rating Symphonic Band – ‘1’ Rating
Concert Band – ‘2’ Rating
Brass Choir – Unanimous 1 Rating Woodwind Choir – ‘2’ Rating

2017 District Solo & Ensemble Results


‘1’ Ratings and qualify for State

Mixed Brass Quintet (Christian Candia, Martin Shapiro, Ty Jamieson, Jack Fetting, and Andrew Meister)

Percussion Ensemble #2 (Alex Drury, Savanah Wittman, Jerry Chou, Jamie Fetting, Sami Alexander, and Ann Fitzmaurice)

Flute Trio (Kailey Beaty, Venice Villescas, and Jordan Kuhnert)
Flute Quartet (Kaitlyn Smith, Caitlyn Hulett, Camille Kudrna, and Hannah Evans)

‘2’ Ratings

French Horn Trio (Valerie Besser, Dilan Kurukulasuryia, and Ben Rouder)
Percussion Ensemble #1 (Connor Squellati, Jacob Sykuta, Moy Zhong, and Greta Scheidt) Mixed Woodwind Trio (Emma Pierce, Kaylee Sands, and Venice Villescas)

‘1’ Ratings and qualify for State

Ilinca Popescu – Oboe
Josiah Prenger – Bassoon
Jamie Fetting – Trumpet
Meredith Farmer – Oboe
Luke Milyo – Trombone
Mariam Schieber – Clarinet

Shanley Silvey – French Horn
Tricia Carver-Horner – Clarinet Sarah Keely – French Horn
Dilan Kurukulasuriya – French Horn Jack Fetting – Trombone

Jordan Khunert – Flute Hannah Evans – Flute
Christian Candia – Trumpet Christian Candia – French Horn Katy Miller – Trumpet

Andrew Meister – Trombone Jessica Fisher – Flute
Jacob Sykuta – Keyboard Mallet Ty Jamieson – French Horn
Jamie Fetting – Snare Drum Martin Shapiro – French Horn Jensen Mees – Snare Drum Savannah Wittman – Snare Drum Camille Kudrna – Flute

Kailey Beaty – Flute
Kaitlyn Smith – Flute
Caitlyn Hulett – Flute
Camille Kudrna – Piccolo
Venice Villescas – Flute
Connor Squellati – Keyboard Mallet Becca Wells – Alto Saxophone

‘2’ Ratings

Maddie Renner – French Horn    Hallam George – Alto Saxophone       Ava Hemwall – French Horn Valerie Besser – French Horn        Martin Shapiro – Trombone Olivia        Anderson – Flute       Kaylee Sands – Clarinet Lucy Beattie - Flute