Battle High School Students Succeed at area Fiber Art Show

The Boone County Weavers and Spinners Guild held its opening reception for their Student Fiber Arts Show yesterday. All Battle High School Fiber students were given the opportunity to submit artwork. 

Below is the list of BHS students, the number of pieces they entered, and the awards they received:

1. Jacob Lopez (3 pieces)- Honorable Mention for Printed Piece

2. Colette Pippen (2 Pieces) – Best of Show for Embroidery

3.  Forest Miller (1 piece)- Honorable Mention for Embroideries

4. Riley Cunningham (1 piece)

5. Korensa Bussing (1 Piece) – Honorable Mention for Jacket

6. Elizabeth Fenner (2 pieces)- Honorable Mention for Bug

7.  Netanya Lee (2 pieces) –Honorable Mention for Printed Skirt

8. Rachel Stuart (1 piece)- Honorable Mention for Quilted Image

9. Estrella Rodriguez (1 Piece) – Honorable Mention