Rock Bridge Show Choir Grand Champions

RBHS Show Choir results from Pleasant Hill “Battle of the Best” Festival
You can say that we have certainly “blasted off” into the show choir competition season in a big way (pun intended)!!  Yesterday was awesome for so many reasons!  Obviously, the placements and caption awards that were so very hard earned and deserved were truly incredible!  What I am most proud of and inspired by is the teamwork and wide spread support I witnessed by all of our students for each other and many of the other choirs and students!  We solved problems in such intelligent, collaborative ways – use of a cameo, off-stage soloist for a regular soloist without a voice, completely omitted props in finals when they wouldn’t fit, realized mistakes and inconveniences in setup and found quick and effective fixes, helped the host school with their gym teardown, supported ailing fellow choir members and stepped in to fill their show spots, and on and on!  These are the signs of true champions that will last much longer than the many plastic replicas we made it home with.

Satin N Lace    

Prelims: Best Opener, Best Costumes, Best Show Design, Best Female Performer (Leslie Walker), 1st in B Division (1st overall in the PAC)  Finals: Best Stage Crew (shared), 3rd Place Overall!!!
City Lights

Prelims: Best Ballad, Best Show Design, 2nd in 5A Division (2nd overall in the Gym)
Finals: Best Vocals, Best Choreography, Best Diction, Best Band, Best Stage Crew (shared), and…..Grand Champion!!