Rock Bridge High School - All District Band Announcement

Congratulations to the following Rock Bridge Band members making the All-District Bands.  Seventeen of them are eligible to audition for the All-State Bands on December 6.

All District Honor Band
Matt Hoeppner, 1st Chair Flute
Emily Franke, 8th Chair Flute
Kerri Mathews, 1st Chair Oboe
Mickey Jamieson, 9th Chair Clarinet
Tricia Carver-Horner, 11th Chair Clarinet
Emily Vu, 4th Chair Alto Saxophone
Aaron McCray, 3rd Chair Trumpet
Christian Candia, 11th Chair Trumpet
Martin Shapiro, 1st Chair Horn
Allie Rogers, 3rd Chair Horn
Matt Orf, 1st Chair Trombone
Stephanie Stanley, 3rd Chair Trombone
Richard Shang, 1st Chair Percussion, Mallet Option
Connor Squellati, 2nd Chair Percussion, Mallet Option
Cassie Kiew, 3rd Chair Percussion, Mallet Option

 All District Honorable Mention Honor Band
Kaitlyn Smith, 1st Chair Flute (1st District Band Alternate)
Caitlyn Hulett, 7th Chair Flute
Stephanie Zhang, 8th Chair Flute
Ilinca Popescu, 2nd Chair Oboe (2nd District Band Alternate)
Olivia McKee, 2nd Chair Tenor Sax
Louis Hendricks, 2nd Chair Bari Saxophone
Robby Schmidt, 6th Chair Trumpet
Jackson Griebel, 2nd Chair Tuba
Justin Washington, 2nd Chair Percussion Snare Option

 Northeast Missouri All District Honor Jazz Ensemble
Matt Hoeppner, 2nd Chair Tenor Saxophone
Louis Hendricks, Bari Saxophone
Aaron McCray, 1st Chair Trumpet
Christian Candia, 4th Chair Trumpet
Stephanie Stanley, 1st Chair Trombone
Emily Vu, Guitar
Martin Shapiro, Piano
Mickey Jamieson, Bass
Cole Walker, 1st Honorable Mention Jazz Saxophone
Matt Orf, 1st Honorable Mention Jazz Trombone