CPS Fine Arts


Study of the arts promotes interdisciplinary experiences which aid students in the integration of ideas, concepts and processes, and in a holistic perception of their world.  A greater understanding of diverse cultures is reflected in the arts.  Students of the arts will be better prepared to appropriately participate in the present and contribute to the future.


The fine arts are an essential expression of human culture.  Each child has the right to learn and experience the arts through participation in a balanced, comprehensive and sequential program of study.  By building a relationship with music, theater, and visual arts an individual develops a sense of satisfaction, joy and self-worth.  Performing, creating and responding to all the fine arts are the processes in which our students will engage.  The arts help to develop discrimination, experimentation, creativity, evaluation, social skills, teamwork and fosters aesthetic sensitivity.  The fine arts unite the cognitive, affective and psycho motor domains as no other subjects can.